Our optional Monitoring Service can help prevent downtime by checking on your server's healthy 24/7/365 and can detect and prevent many downtime causing issues. Alerts and events that would otherwise go undetected, can help in early detection of HDD issues and RAID array status changes which can prevent downtime if detected early. Monitoring can detect server CPU and memory over-utilization, malicious network activity, other types of memory errors and systems crashes. This can help prevent many problems. 

Our monitoring Agent monitors Hardware, Performance, Exchange, Services or Processes on the server. Hardware includes various parameters such as Hard Disk Usage, Motherboard Temperatures, Motherboard fans, etc. Performance includes parameters such as CPU Load, Memory Usage, Network Bandwidth, etc. We have preset thresholds which, if exceeded, causes the system to create an Alert.

But this is not only confined to hardware and performance issues. We  also choose any Service or Process that exists on the customer’s machine and create a corresponding alert if this Service or Process is down or does not exist. With many self-healing properties, we also add automated scripts to run after a threshold is reached or a service has stopped to keep your server running.

For example, let’s say a SQL service is monitored on its availability. We create a script that restarts the SQL service if it stops, decreasing downtime, and generate an alert in our system so we can inform you about this potential problem.

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    Monitoring means that we are solving problems effortlessly and automatically without you even being aware that a problem exists and keeping your practice or office operating. This is a great service for offices without contracted IT Support, or if your IT Support company does not offer this. This is not a replacement for IT Support, but can work in conjunction with your current IT to provide a safer and more reliable IT environment.